How to take care of the optics properly?

In order for the optics to serve you for a long time and without problems, it is advisable to take proper care of them. Although our binoculars and riflescopes are developed and tested for use in demanding conditions, they still deserve conscientious care.

Here we have prepared several tips for you, thanks to which the optics will serve you as long as possible:

  • Clean the lenses regularly - To clean the lenses of binoculars or riflescopes, use special cleaning kits for optics. The outer lenses are equipped with protective layers that can be damaged by rough handling. Therefore, it is advisable to first remove mechanical dirt from the lens (for example, by blowing it with a balloon) and then you can clean the lens with an optical cloth. Lenses can also be cleaned with, for example, ethanol. Avoid wiping the lenses with rough materials such as cloth or tissue.
  • Use caps and protective cases - The protective case protects the binoculars from scratches and other damage. If you are not using the binoculars or riflescope at the moment, store it in a case, or use lens and eyepiece covers.
  • Do not expose binom and scopes to unnecessary extreme temperatures - Our binoculars and riflescopes can be used in winter frosts and summer heat. However, we do not recommend leaving them, for example, behind the car window, where extreme temperature fluctuations occur.
  • Check the tightness of the scope covers and mounts - Regularly check whether the rectification covers or the mounting of the scope have not been loosened after shooting.
  • Remove the batteries if the product is not to be used for a long time - By removing the batteries from the rifle scope illuminator or the rangefinder scope, you will prevent their unwanted degradation when you know you won't be using the product for several months.